Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watch the Clock

During the school year I would always find myself late for class. I would get up, eat breakfast and get dressed and be on time. Then I would go to the bathroom to do my make up and all of a sudden I would be late, it was like my bathroom was a black hole.

I tried so many things, from setting an alarm on my phone, to just bringing my phone with me to check the time, I even cut my routine down. Nothing worked. So I decided it was high time to put a clock in the bathroom.

I also have to say that after taking these pictures, I hate the paint color in there even more...

I got the clock from Target ($6.99!!), there were other fun colors, but I figured this one could work in any room, regardless of paint color. I would also like to say that it has worked pretty well! Tim likes it too because now I'm not calling to him in the mornings asking "What time is it?" every couple of minutes.

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