Sunday, June 17, 2012

MyGlam June

I have to say, this was a pretty good bag for MyGlam. It definitely helped alviate grumblings from last month. However, I did sign up for Birchbox, so MyGlam is going to have to keep up their game to compete! My plan is to keep the two for a few months and then pick one.

Anyways, let me show you what MyGlam sent. Take a look at that bag. Dang. Glittery!! Honestly though, I'll be cutting it up and using it for the fabric. I could use the other bags for travel, but this one would not stay closed in a suitcase and it just feels cheap. It is pretty though.

The first item is a moisturizer from Philosophy. I actually just ordered their face cleanser, so I'm excited to use the two together. The sample is 12 ml which seems to be a good size; I think I'll know if I like it by the time I finish it. I also like that they went with a fairly well known brand that is higher end, but affordable. This way if I like it I could buy it full size. Don't get me wrong, I love trying the super high-end, expensive products, but I think I prefer these affordable items more. This item came with a promo code (fresh5) for free shipping whenever you buy something from at no minimum purchase price.

The next item is a full size NYX Round Lipstick. I received the color Power, it's a light baby-pink. In the tube it doesn't look so pretty, but on my lips it's actually really flattering. NYX is another great brand that is affordable and good quality. I don't have an Ulta near me, so I haven't been able to try a lot of their products, making this lipstick even more appreciated.

Next up we have Living Proofs's frizz Nourishing Stying Cream. The info card says that it helps keep your hair frizz-free and smooth without using silicone or heavy oils. To apply you generously coat damp hair and then style as usual. This is not a brand that I'm familiar with, nor have I ever tried a styling cream like this, so I'm a fan of this sample too. This item also came with coupon for their shampoo and conditioner (2oz) and the option of either the stying cream (4oz) or weightless spray (4oz) for $35 and free shipping, plus another free sample at checkout. So basically, they'll give you little bonuses if you buy the full size of this. I think Philosophy's coupon was better.

The last thing is something that I have been waiting for!! I have been hoping to get this since I signed up for MyGlam. It is a liquid eyeliner! This one is from Marbella's and it's a felt tip "Permanent Eyeliner Pen". I am new to liquid liners and I haven't found a brand that I am happy with. I eventually got sick of them drying out for running all over my eye and decided to stop buying them. Instead I keep my eye out for coupons and samples. So I do not care how good or bad this one turns out, I can at least say that I've tried another brand and get a little more practice.

My final thoughts for this post are actually questions for you. The last couple of MyGlam posts I did swatches, did you like those? Did you miss them on this post? Also, I write pretty hefty descriptions on each product in the bag. I want you to have a really good feeling about what's in them, but do I share too much? Would rather I just have one picture with everything together and general thoughts? Let me know!

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