Friday, January 18, 2013

stay cozy in the winter

If my high school self saw my style now, I would probably think I was dorky. I just can't help loving quirky sweaters. Winter time is so dreary and drab, a funky sweater is the perfect thing to cheer things up. The sweaters above are all from asos, I stumbled accross them window-online shopping.

{two birds, stripes, hearts, mistletoe}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Helloooo to everyone! So lipsticks are not quite my thing, I'm definitely new to figuring out which shade works with what look. For now I know that I like light weight, moisturizing lip products and I've also discovered that I like the results of more daring colors. My lips are fairly pigmented naturally, so I just won't keep use a lipstick if it only gives a subtle change.

With that said, I was at the store looking for a new lipstick to try - specifically a new brand or formulation. I've never tried a lipstick from Maybelline (and I've only heard amazing things about them), plus this Color Whisper line is new! I picked up the color Coral Ambition and I really like it!!

According to their website, it's a gel formulation, so if feels very light and smooth on you lips. I also think it wears really nicely because you can still rub it in/around a bit after wearing it for a while. There's no smell to it and swatching it doesn't look very impressive, but it definitely shows up on the lips! I would definitely recommend this.