Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nails + Product Review

I have been wanting to try out Sally Hansen nail strips for a long time. I would see some on sale, but of course they were always the ugly ones. Until... I found my grocery store having a sale! So I bought these:

This is just an Instagram picture, but I too it the night I applied them and I think it shows how rough they started out. I put them on Monday night and since then they've really smoothed out, and the edges by the cuticles are much better. However, my thumbs peeled back a lot and a teeny tiny part of the tip has rubbed off. 

I really like these, especially for crazy designs like this that I could not do myself. I don't think they're as durable as they claim to be, nor do they fit my nail shape very well. I would say, if you can find them on sale they're worth it, but I would not pay the original $9.

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