Monday, June 11, 2012


Ever since I took Illustration in the spring I've become really jealous of all of the amazing talent out there. I cannot draw or paint anything realistically. I try to tell myself that I'm fine with that, but it is a hard when surrounded by amazing artists in class. I especially admire artists who have a particular style. People in my class got to this point too, but it happens when you try your hand at different media and processes and subjects and you figure out what you're unique talent is. I have only found what I am not good at, or at least that is how I felt during class.

I wanted to share some of the amazing pieces/artists I've come across; maybe you'll find some inspiration in them too. I really hope you check out the sources too! The first is the artist's website and there are many other fantastic pieces there. The second is a blog that I am not obsessed with!! After finding it I spent 20 minutes just looking at old posts - it's amazing!!


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