Monday, July 30, 2012

Watermelon Ice Cubes

Do you ever come up with really great ideas and wonder why no one has thought of them before? But then when you try it, you find out why no one does it... that's how my experiment with watermelon ice cubes went.

I had been cutting up a big watermelon and had a little bit left that wouldn't fit in the container. I thought, hey, watermelon is mostly water, I bet you could mash these up, freeze them, and make tasty ice cubes. Thus, these were made.

They look really pretty and I thought they might give a tasty hint of flavor to a glass of water, like cucumbers or lemons. Great in theory, but terrible in practice.

They instantly melt in to floaty grossness and no flavor added. Instead I will throw them in to smoothies so they won't go to waste, but needless to say, I'll never make them again. Now I know why watermelon ice cubes are not a thing.

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