Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MyGlam July

Here's my MyGlam bag for July. I used one picture and described the products below; nothing new with that layout. 

Juice Beauty moisturizer: I like that this has SPF 15 and Green Apple anything is always fun, espsecially for summer. However, I do want to point out that last month's MyGlam had a moisturizer in it as well.

NuMe hydrating conditioner: This little sample is going to go with my shampoo sample from Birchbox for when I travel. There were also two certificates for NuMe, one was $50 for a set of either Hydro Punch or Pure Remedy products, and the other was for 50% off any product on their website.
*I am not going to use these, nor am I going to be using the $100 off certificate (from many months ago). If you would like to use them please let me know if the comments and we'll figure out a way for me to get you the specific code.

Say Yes to Cucumbers face wipes: I actually bought this exact travel packet a few weeks ago and I'm happy to have them again.

Buxom (Bare Essentials) lip gloss: I tried this out as soon as I got it and I was pretty impressed. It stays on for a long time, but it's not too sticky. The color is subtle, but it has a lot of shimmer to it; I think it would look great on top of a lipstick.

Circus by Andrea's Choice nail polish: This is already on my nails! It's really creamy and pigmented, especially for white. The brush is kind of small, but that's not a big deal.

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