Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Birchbox

I wanted to start this post by talking about why I've come to love Birchbox so quickly, but I'm making myself wait one more month and then I'll do a whole post about monthly subscriptions. Just know that I'm really enjoying Birchbox, and this month's box seemed to be made just for me.

The box's theme was "the senses", so each item relates to a sense. Birchbox partnered with Glamour Magazine, their July issue is also all about the five sense. I've had opportunities to use some of the items, so for this month I'm going to talk about each item seperately.

Smell. I am overwhelmed by perfume samples right now! Between monthly subscriptions and a couple of orders form Sephora, I think I have six. From these samples I can tell you that I really appreciate the ones that have spray tops (like this one). Birchbox sent the scent Hello (that was too fun to say to not put it in here). Unfortunately mine leaked and I'm left with a lovely smelling box, but only half the sample. This is especially sad because I love the scent!

Touch. The next item is a hair mask from Amika. I haven't tried this yet, but the info card says it's a full of omega acids and vitamin C, all to help repair split ends. On the upside, this doesn't seem to be a protein mask which is interesting because that's all I've tried. On the down side I really don't like when products say they'll repair split ends, because that's just not possible. But, like I said before, this box is made for me - I love hair masks and deep conditioners and since this one doesn't have protein it can be used as a daily conditioner as well. I am also learning to like hair oils, which brings me to the next item...

Touch. This oil treatment is also from Amika and it says that it's made from sea-buckthorn berry and argan oil. I had never heard of this berry, so after some investigating I found out that it's full of antioxidants, vitamins C and E and can be found in many skin treatments. All of which sounds great and I'll be happy to try it.

See. This BB cream and the next item make me soooo excited! I almost always reach for my BB cream over foundation, but the one I have now is a heavier, creamier one and it also has a grey tint to it before it oxidizes. Even though this is a western BB cream it has more of the "true" BB cream components. As you can see, it has SPF, but it also hydrates, diminishes pores, fine lines and uneven skintone. I tried it on the back of my hand and it's really light and smooth, it also seems to have a red/warm base. After I've used it for a while I'll do a post on how it compairs to Skin 79 BB cream, which is what I use now.

See. I am SO excited to have another liquid liner to try!! It has a felt tip, which I like, and it seemed to dry quickly on the back of my hand. I don't have much else to say about it, other than I'm really, really happy to have it.
*As an update about the liner I got in the MyGlam bag, it has not held up so well. It dries nicely and doesn't smudge around my eye, but it transfers on to my crease - not cute. I'm going to use it up, but I won't buy it for myself.

Hear. These headphones were one of the extras in this month's box. They are really cute, bright colors; and the cord is suuuper long. To be honest though, the sound is not so great... I normally buy cheap $10 headphones, so if I can tell that the sound is poor, that's not a good sign.

Taste. This was a tasty little snack bar that I ate up after photographing it. It's defnitely a little snack, but it has some healthy things in and it's still sweet.

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