Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Face Masks

I've always done face masks with either my sisters or a group of friends just to be girly and have fun. I've never used them in my skin care routine, nor felt a need to be incorporate them. However, after hearing/reading about quite a few beauty professionals relying on face masks as part of their own routine, I thought I'd try some out to see what the buzz was about.

I had an order coming from Sephora a while ago and thought that would be a good time to find one. And while I waited for my order I picked up a few cheap ones from Walmart. It turned out that the inexpensive masks made a bigger difference than the Sephora one. The picture below is the Mint and Lemon Facial Clay Mask, made by Freeman. The "travel" size (the only size I've seen sold in stores) lasted three uses and that was enough to see a difference. The picture below is the full size container (5 fl. oz.) and it's only $3.99. It's such a good deal and it actually made my skin feel better and look clearer.

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