Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Dress

I love wearing dresses in the summer, although I think most girls do. They're so flowy and cool in the hot, hot sun. I am always window shopping for them and have found some cute ones this year.

ModCloth is one of my absolute favorite stores! The prices have such a huge range and all of the clothes are so cute and unique. I'm somone who likes to wear trendy items but with a twist, so this is the perfect store for me. {dress 1, dress2}

These two dresses are from Forever21 and I picked them because they're a little different, but very wearable. I have made a rule for myself that I can no longer order dresses online from F21, because even when I double check the length it's never what I expect and it's usually much too short.{dress 1, dress 2}

Target was my last stop, they are alwasy the most comfortable in my opinion. They aren't as unique, but the colors are still bright and fun. {dress 1, dress 2}

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