Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Survive an All-Nighter Part 3

The last thing that you want to think about the morning after a late night is what to wear. If you don't have something planned you will inevitably end up in either sweat pants or some dumpy outfit that you chose soley because of its comfort level.

The best way to avoid these problems is to have preplanned outfits that are held in reserve for rushed mornings or mornings when you don't have the brain power to pick anything out. I would suggest having two or three of these outfits, this way if you have a couple of bad mornings in a week one outfit will be clean. I also pick outfits that will be comfortable and nothing that I will be fussing with during the day. However I pick something that is still stylish, I may be dead tired but I don't want my clothes to show it.

This first outfit is one of my favorites! I wear my favorite dark wash jeans, a long white tank top and this scarf from Forever21. I don't know how that scarf is still available, it's incredibly light weight and matches with everything. As you can see below I can even match it w/ a patterned sweater. With all of these outfits I have a sweater in mind to layer with incase it's cold.


The next outfit is a more colorful option. Again, it's my favorite dark wash jeans with a long tank top, but this time the top is a bright coral color. I wear a long black and white scarf with it and black flip flops. The gray sweater I paired with it is my absolute favorite!! And it's actualy from the men's department at Forever21!

This last outfit is my very last fall back plan. It's black skinny leggings from Victoria's Secret with an long tank top that will cover my booty and a sweater. I try to cover at least most of my butt if I'm wearing leggings as pants. And I put a really simple white sweater on top; you can see my plan is always long tank top with a sweater.

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