Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review

I have a few products that I've tried out and was greatly disappointed in. I have a couple of products that I have been pleased with, but I will share those when I'm positive they're great.

I will start off with the product that I tried over a year ago. I realize it's a little weird to bring it up now, but I was disappointed in the quality that the feelings have stuck with me. The item is Kat Von D's tattoo concealer (and the pencil eraser ) and it claims that it is a 4 step process that's capable of covering anything from dark circles to tattoos. I have a good-sized tattoo on my neck that I wanted to cover for my sister's wedding, so I did some research and this product seemed to have good potential. When I made the order I was not happy with the price: $25 for the concealer and $15 for the pencil, plus shipping and tax. When I received it I was shocked by how tiny the bottle was, it being smaller than the palm of my hand! To put it simply, it didn't cover my tattoo, it didn't set no matter what I did. The directions say to make sure and wait for the pencil outline to dry before you put on the concealer, I waited at least 10 minutes and it would still smudge. The end result was a faded looking tattoo, definitely not covered and still very noticeable.

The next product is Wet n Wild's Natural Blend Lip Shimmer, basically a tinted lip balm. As a lip balm it worked very nicely, my lips felt smooth and moist. However, the smell was a funky mix of mint and your-mom's-old-lipstick. I'm really sensative to smells, so that was a big problem for me, not something I could get past. The other problem was the color; it had some weird gold/orange flecks in it that were not complementary to the base red-ish color. I would not be suprised if that was just a problem with the one I selected, but the smell will keep me from trying other. I think I got it for only a couple of dollars, so the price isn't bad and if you're okay with smells it might be worth trying.

Now the final product is a make up brush. I just recently got rid of my old brushes; I had had them since middle school or early high school. This was a brush that I picked up at K-mart; a couple of weeks earlier I had gotten the Ecotools' Bamboo set and was really impressed for the low price. The brand is Beauty, or Essence of Beauty, and I picked it because it was one of the few angled cheek brushes at the store and the quality look similar to the Ecotools burshes. The problem is that the bristles are coarse and hurt to use. I also feel like the brush hold a lot of the product and not much comes off on my face. You can actually see how the tip is still pretty pink and it stays like this even after I wash it.

Please leave a comment if you tried out these items too, I'd love to know what you thought!

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