Friday, January 13, 2012

Keep Checking!

This week I have leanred some really cool things in my photography class. I've known how to do simple editing and what elements make a good picture. But this class has taught me a lot more and pushed me to try new things. I am feeling really inspired right now and plan to take full advantage of the long weekend! In fact, I made sure to rent a tripod so make sure I get some really killer shots. In addition I've been blessed wtih a beautiful snow fall today and extra cuddley cats. So believe me, I will take advantage of this!

I plan on making a couple of posts this weekend to share this inspiration with all of you - so get excited!

I also went shopping yesterday, and T and I got hair cuts, so I'm feeling a little extra pretty this weekend, so I think I'll actually take some pictures of myself and share more of my personal style. I've also been expanding my make-up boundaries, so I'll be sharing what I'm learning in that department too.

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**I also have an update on MyGlam bag! I will be receiving my first bag in February! I am so so sooo excited!! Subscriptions re-opened for a limited supply, so I snagged one while I could. That means in about a month you'll have another post to be looking forward to. Yay!

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