Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Outfit

When I'm living out of a suitcase I rarely like to dress up, especially since I don't pack for layers. Plus I'm watching two puppies and it's rainy here, so I get really dirty and don't want to wear clothes that I care about. However, after almost a week of wearing gym clothes I needed a change.

I love putting these two accessories together, I think it gives the outfit an edgey-rocker vibe. The ring was from walmart for $3 and the necklace is from Jewelmint for $30. I love that price difference. Makes me smile every time.

I really like putting that long necklace with a scarf. So I wrapped this one up all around my neck and put my hair in a top knot. Since I didn't have clothes to layer, I went with lots of accessories. It gives the same general style with half the luggage space.

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