Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can we pretend it's Monday?

This last weekend I went to Chicago for my sister's wedding shower. It was so fun and thanks to the weather I stayed an extra night, so I got to spend more time with her and her fiance. And then last night Tim and I hung out with some friends, whom we're house-sitting for this week. Lot's of fun!

However, none of these fun things are why this blog post is up late. Photoshop and I got into a fight. It happens frequently and even more so when I'm out of practice. So, like the title says, can we pretend it's Monday? Mostly because this post doesn't make sense if it's not.

I used to do Monday blues pretty frequently, and yesterday I was trying to think of a post to do and thought, "Man, I have the Monday blues." Pretty perfect huh? And then I came across these gems. The upper left corner and bottom right are from the same blog (which has many other beautiful pictures). And the bottom left is from here.

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