Friday, April 13, 2012

MyGlam April

My April MyGlam bag came today! (is that name weird to say to anyone else?) I was super pumped because I purposely didn't check the shipping tracker so I could be surprised. So let me show you what I got...

As you can see the bag is a fun metallic pink and the inside looks a little bare, but that's just because they're all smaller items.

This is the cute information card they send with the package. It just tells about each product that way you know exactly what you're getting. I really like this one, I think the colors are amazing - it's just really well designed and you know I'm a sucker for that.

They also sent two brushes. Now, I did not get last month's bag because their billing stuff wasn't working. I had originally signed up with my old bank account and they couldn't switch it until this month. So, as a side note I have to say that was ridiculous - it makes nooo sense to me why they would launch the service without being able to adjust billing accounts. BUT, it only affected me for one month so I think I can get over it. It just means I don't have the first brush or the pouch to hold them in. And I keep my brushes in a jar, so I'm not missing the pouch.

The next thing is a lip treatment from It says it will make your lips fuller and softer and the info card says it's made from nourishing oils. There's no scent listed anywhere on it, but it smells like a sweet strawberry desert - it's delicious!!

The next item is an Urban Decay eye liner and it's one of the 24/7 glide on pencils. I got the color purple, which is actually really perfect because I recently threw out my purple eyeliner because it was really old. I've also been wanting to try more brands of eyeliner and Urban Decay was on that list. I photographed it next to my phone so you could get a better idea of the size. After I swatched it on my hand I left it alone for a minute and then tried to rub it off and .... it held up! No smudges! Exactly what it promises.

The last item is lashes from All-Belle, which is a Singaporean company. I knew there were going to be lashes in the bag from MyGlam's twitter. And when I opened it I was more excited that it was a Singaporean brand because Asian brands (especially products dealing with lashes) are becoming big in the U.S. As I was opening up the lashes I kept thinking, man I really wish they would have sent some glue in the bag, that's lame that they expect everyone to have their own glue, not everyone uses false lashes (myself included). Well, it's a good thing I opened them up all the way because there's a tiny little bottle of glue taped to the bottom of the lashes! No more complaints here!

If you received a MyGlam bag this month leave a comment about your thoughts!

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