Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Tim and I had a very low key weekend, in fact we had no plans despite the holiday. Since living in a dorm and being kicked out every holiday, scrambling to find a ride to the airport, money for a flight, packing in as many visits with friends as possible, only to return exhausted with a mountain of homework that didn't get touched; Tim and I have purposely embraced a quiet life this year. (wow that was a long sentence) While we could probably pinch the budget and find time to travel on the holidays, but neither of us wants to spend half of the break in the car.

So, witch each break I find a new project to tackle. For me Easter was filled with cooking and baking of all kind! During the week Tim and I eat out a lot and I've realized it's because I don't have the energy for making a whole meal or I only have an hour in between class and work. So I made Easter my day to prepare for the week ahead.

I made General Tso's Chicken, it is a new seasoning packet that I tried and it smelled great! Poor Tim kept hoping that each dish I made was for dinner last night. I also baked the other half of the chicken breasts to cut up and put in a salad.

I also made some beef that was precut in strips and I tenderized them and marinated them. I haven't had much luck with beef, it always comes out tough; tasty, but tough. So I'm hoping the tenderizing helped, and I grilled them on the George Foreman just to try something else.

I also made these lemon bars (recipe here), they were really easy and turned out amazing!! The photograph doesn't do them justice at all! I maaay have eaten 2 1/2, but who's counting? The last thing that I made (and it really didn't photograph well) was guacamole. I also ate most of this - whooops! It was really good, but since it's not quite their season the flavor was as strong as it normally is; but you won't hear me complain!

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