Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Must-Haves

Here are a few essentials to surviving a cold winter...

1. A good cup of coffee or hot chocolate or tea (whichever you prefer) in a cute mug. I always feel extra cozy when I drink out of cute mug. The one pictured is from Starbucks, T and I loved them at first sight; they're so simple!

2. Waterproof boots! I got mine from target for only $30 and they have patterned ones too. I prefer these over soft booties (like Uggs) because I know they'll keep the water out and not get damaged from salt.

3. A glittery ornament, they add pizazz to the normal subdued colors of winter. Adding some glitz to your outfit is also great; I recommend sparkly nail polish or a shimmering tank top.

4. CHAPSTICK! Blistex Silk & Shine is my favorite by far. The only downfall is I always misplace them, hence why I have so many.

5. Lotion, because dry skin is inevitable during the winter. I have not mastered fully preventing/eliminating dry skin during winter, but it is so much harder to bounce back from totally untreated skin come spring. I think having a range of scents and consistencies to mix up the routine, hence all the options.

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