Friday, December 23, 2011

A little about me...

Hello! I am so excited to finally, actually DO this blog! I have been thinking about it for a while, contemplating how and where to do this, as well as what exactly I'm going to talk about. I think the best way to start is a quick introduction.

Well, in short my name is Tori, I'm a senior in college, married to a wonderful guy named Tim and we have two cats (more on them in a second). I have changed my major quite a number of times, finally landing on graphic design - which I love! I have always loved design and doing crafty things, but I didn't picture a career from it, until now. I have also always loved fashion! My wallet has not always shared this love of mine, this is why I have become skilled at sale shopping. I am constantly finding new deals as well as learning when it's best to pay extra for quality. This is where my blog comes in, I want to share these lessons with all of you! I'm sure I'll be writing about happenings in my life as well as beauty tips, but my knowledge is in fashion, so that's where the blog's focus will be.

Shifting back to my self-introduction... Tim and I have been married for just 7 months, but they have been wonderful so far. We met in school and dated for 2 years and got married last summer. When we moved in to our apartment we knew we wanted pets almost right away. We are not allowed to have dogs here, so a kitten it was. :) First came Mojo, we got him from a friend when he was just a few months old. A few months later Nemu wandered on to our porch needing a home. After going to the vet we learned that he's blind in his left eye and it was probably caused by an untreated injury and infection. We deducted that it was from chlamydia (it's a bacteria infection for cats, not venereal), because he'd passed it to poor little Mojo. They are both healthy now and love each other lots! T and I call them double trouble, because even if only one is in to trouble the other is watching.

That's enough about me, on to making more posts! I hope you keep reading and please leave comments and any kind of feed back.
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