Thursday, December 29, 2011

MyGlam (bag)

I am hoping that this post will spur some commenting! This is because I am sharing an product that has caught my eye and I want to know more from any of you! I literally just started reading about it in the last hour and I'm wanting as much information about it as I can get.

So, the product is MyGlam bag; it is a monthly subscription where they send you a small cosmetic bag each month with 4-5 sample size or full size products. To be honest a lot of my Christmas break has been spent watching beauty gurus on YouTube, for some I had not been aware of the wonderful knowledge that they all have! T laughs at me because all of a sudden I have a HUGE wishlist of beauty products I want becuase of these ladies. So, it is only fitting that I first heard about this on YouTube! Bethany (Macbarbie07) had a recent holiday make-up look/tutorial and this video used MyGlam bag. Her bag showed a lot of products I've been really interested in, but wouldn't have bought fullsize without previous use.

First off here is Bethany's video:

Somehow I've started subscribing to a bunch of Canadian YouTube girls, so I've found a bunch of monthly deals that aren't available in the U.S., which is really sad. However, it's gotten me to be on the look for other companies here in the states, like Jewelmint. This one is extremely popular, as well as Stylemint and Shoemint. The latter two aren't ones that I'm interested in, but I will definitely be trying out Jewelmint in the spring. My major draw back to all of these is the monthly cost and this is just because I don't spend $30 a month shopping for myself now, so I can't justify it for only one piece. This is where MyGlam bag comes in - it's only $10 a month! In my opinion (it seemse like) you're getting a lot for a very low cost. I can't give a full review becuase I haven't acutally tried it, but I've never heard of it so I wanted to learn as much as I could from any readers and inform others who're in the dark like me. I am totally willing to pay for at least a few months to test it out; $30 for three months sounds way better than for just one month.

For now I'll plan on starting it either January or February and I'll post reviews of each bag I get on here. Hopefully this will help some of you and potentially help the company too. For the record, I'm doing this out of my own curiosity, the company isn't sponsering it - althought I woul totally welcome that! ...a girl can wish right?

If you didn't notice anytime I mentioned "MyGlam bag" I linked to their webiste, but here is the full link too for you

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  1. as an update I am currently on the wait list.. hopefully it'll come soon!