Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Purse

Do you remember when I did my post about spring purses? Well I recently bought one of them and I love it even more now that I have it.

This bag is from Forever21 (it's still available!) and I think the price is really perfect too. I've had some bad experiences when it comes to the quality of F21 bags, and this one is not perfect, but the nylon feels nice and not cheap, as do all of the straps.

Even Mojo likes the bag. :)

This purse has soooo many pockets - far more than I was expecting! This is probably my favorite part of the bag; I've had little purses for most of college and those don't come with many pockets. I photographed this the best I could, hopefully you can get a good idea how big it is and what not.

This is the main pocket and it has the usual smaller zipper pocket inside and two slip pockets the other inside wall. The purse is pretty deep, I keep a wallet, notebook, sunglasses, lotion and a zipper pouch, and it still has a lot of room as you can see.

These are the side pockets, there are two on each side and both go to the bottom of the purse. They're really big and are perfect to separate your chapstick, phone and keys so you don't have to jumble them in one pocket.

As a side note this is the lotion I carry - I recently discovered it and I think it is PERFECT for your purse. It's a cute little flattened egg shape and it's cucumber scented, but not too strong. It also moisturizes well, without being greasy - EOS is a pretty good brand. I like this for the purse not only because of the size, but the cap is also secure and the plastic overall is thicker, meaning it can be tossed around and banged up without popping open.