Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drinks Anyone?

These are currently at the top of my wishlist. Tim and I have been embracing living on our own and picking out dishes and lots of other "living items". That sounds funny, but it's the best way to describe it. The problem is that Tim and I are really clumsy, especially when it comes to glassware. We have broken 1 wine glass, 2 drinking glasses and a martini glass; and it hasn't even been a year. The only reason we haven't broken any plates is becuase we registered for really hefty plates, we have definitely dropped them. So, while looking around for replacement glasses I came accross these...
I loooove their shape! The stems on martini glasses used to be one of my favorite things, but after actually using them I'm not such a fan (wine glasses are another story). I also love how modern the shaker is; both pieces have such great lines to them! They would look amazing set up on a bar!
They're from Crate&Barrel and are actually really affordable. The shaker is 14.99 and the glasses are $3.95 each, plus both are eligable for the flat rate $4.95 shipping.

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