Saturday, October 13, 2012


These two images aren't really related at all, but they're just so cool and I really like them. This first one could be done sooo many different ways for so many different things! As soon as I saw it my mind started going crazy with adaptations with letters, shapes, making it digital - anything! and it just looks fun to make!

The next picture is more inspring to me, and I don't think most people would that. For me it just says a lot about design and typography and it challenges me to be a better designer. I want to 'Be Big'.

To me, good design is all about breaking the mold. So here you have a normal book and BAM, right in the middle is something totally breaking the mold and making a statement. You could go even further and say the whole picture is a statement. Here is a man that looks like your every-day Joe, and he's sitting by a plain window and heater, just very simple, especially since it's in black and white. So is he being big? If so how? Did he design that? Is being big just being your plain old self?

Can you see how this is more inspring and thought provoking to me? It's fun for me to look at art and try to create my own context.

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