Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Little Bundles of Joy

I love babies. I think all of them are precious and adorable. But it ends there.

Somehow I've come to find myself surrounded by news of new pregnancies and new born babies and it's all so wonderful and I love celebrating with each family. However, at the end of the day Tim and I love nothing more than coming home to just our cats.

Luna has added a wonderful new dynamic to the apartment and we're loving every minute of it. She has definitely proved the most challenging when it comes to her health, but she's adorable despite her smells.

She's definitely the most cuddly. If she notices you stirring in the morning she'll hop right up to your face and start sniffing and purring. While I work on school projects she'll wiggle her way on to my lap and find some way to get comfortable there, it's pretty cute. So for now this family of 5 is happy and available for babysitting, but that's all.

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